Collaboration is the core of a successful project. We rely on each other's abilities and skills to tell the best stories we can - together.

That's what this business is, right? Relying on each others ability and skill to help create the best story we can. Together.

Blue Coyote are Content creators, Cinematographers, FAA licensed Pilots - and all-around nice guys.

We are based in the Arts District of Los Angeles, and are able to operate anywhere around the globe.

We are FAA licensed industry veterans who are highly specialized in every aspect of aerial production. We carry the best aviation and general liability insurance coverage in the business with coverage up to $10 million. Blue Coyote employees are covered by a workers compensation policy to ensure coverage for union or non-union productions.

We have the personnel, equipment and resources available nation-wide, to help you plan, organize and execute projects of any magnitude. We also have the creative experience to collaborate with your Director and DP to develop and create aerial sequences that bring their vision to life. Our full-time production team is available to assist in building a bespoke drone and camera package to fit your project. In addition, we coordinate project essential tasks including permitting, flight planning and insurance.

The Team

Blue Coyote is an amazing team of dedicated professionals consisting of expert Pilots, Gimbal operators, specialized technicians and support staff, all experts in their respective fields.

We have been working with Directors and DP's for years so we understand how to interpret their vision and help in drawing up camera moves and angles that suit each scene.

Our support staff help tailor the drone and camera package you need for each individual project. They are also on hand to organize permits for your production.



An Oxford trained professional pilot with more than 10,000 hours of total flight time and 20 years in the aviation industry. After being an Airbus type rated commercial pilot for years and having  trained countless pilots as a Chief Flight Instructor, he turned his skill and expertise to the world of drones and aerial videography. He brings safety, precision and knowledge to each project.


With more than 20 years of photography and cinematography in the commercial sphere, creating the perfect sequence is a blood-lust sport for Paul and finding the angle is an obsession. He has been a commercial drone pilot for over 12 years and was one of the first to qualify as a part 107 pilot in the US.
FAA part 107 certification for motion picture, commercial, TV, and closed set filming. Our pilots are fully licensed and certificated by the FAA to operate drones in the national airspace.
We are fully insured up to $10 million in general liability aviation insurance and workers comp.
Our team will handle all waivers, permit paperwork with the FAA and local airspace for easy firm permit  submissions and approval.